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Occupational and Environmental Health

HSG supports organizations and their employees through an extensive and comprehensive array of services. These services place a primary emphasis on maintaining a healthy and productive workforce, as well as integrating our approach to offering these services, while maintaining a focus on quality delivery.


We offer key services related to medical and environmental health services further described below:


Medical Services – we provide an array of services from preventive medicine and physical exams to evaluating acutely ill employees, all done with appropriate referrals as required. We provide certification exams, foreign travel evaluations, manage AED programs and manage onsite laboratory and digital x-ray services as required. All of these services are provided with trained, licensed and certified staff managed by a Medical Director.

Aerospace Medicine – our services include support for flight crew operations, medical services to astronauts and aerospace examinations in support of robust flight operations.

Emergency Medicine – we evaluate, treat and care for occupational injuries and illnesses, including emergency response, triage and stabilization.

Wellness Services – we provide health education programs targeted to the client workforce, allergy shots, routine immunizations, medical screenings, and wellness initiatives such as health fairs. All of these services are coordinated with fitness and EAP services.

Industrial Hygiene – we provide comprehensive services including anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling complex health hazards and stressors in or from the workplace. We provide investigative services, should an illness or injury warrant such an investigation.

Health Physics – we manage radiation sources and provide hazard assessments for Radiation Use Authorizations. We maintain proper licenses and registrations for radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices as required.

Fitness – we staff, manage and operate fitness centers with fully trained health and wellness professionals. We provide robust fitness programs that are fully integrated with medical programs. Our Athletic Trainers (AT) work with employees while coordinating care with outside providers, reducing lost work time, and maximizing long term recovery.

Employee Assistance – we provide both onsite counselors and coordination with 24-hour hotline support for the workforce. Onsite counselors provide counseling and intervention services as well preventive programs in workplace violence, anger management, stress management, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health intervention, and eldercare. All services are integrated with medical services that are offered.

Environment and Safety



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